Inspiring collaboration

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The role of an art director and an interior architect is to inspire / encourage collaboration in a wide range of different design sectors, being able to manage multiple projects while putting into place a clear and coherent design process.

Art Direction is very much a people-oriented job. It involves working with internal and external clients, pitching designs, financial and technical knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of client needs.

Creating user-centred design solutions

Being a designer is not simply about creating for the pleasure of creating, a designer has to come up with relevant design proposals that take into consideration the client brief .The design process is driven by the client's needs. The designer and the client work together to identify and develop the client's message and the best way to implement this message.

Successful design requires skills, knowledge and understanding of today’s complex design industry, as well as an appreciation of the interdisciplinary and constantly changing nature of the industry.

Pushing the boundaries of design

Whether in the art direction or interior architecture field, designers always strive for innovation and originality - dare to be different!

The design professional evaluates and creates effective visual communication to enhance the client's image, product or service.

These unique qualities and vitality and are what companies expect from our designers.


A Masters Degree in Art Direction, Graphic Design & Digital Design

certified by the French government (established by Decree n° NSF 320v of 19/01/2012), a state-certified qualification for careers in visual communication (graphic design, publishing & print, video, television, cinema), 2D/3D image-making 3D digital design.

A Masters Degree in Interior Architecture, Design & Spatial Design

recognised by the CFAI (French Board of Interior Architects and certified by the French government (established by Decree n° NSF 233n of 19/01/2012), state-certified qualification for careers in architecture, residential design, events design, scenic art, furniture design, digital design and architectural modelling.

The design business

Design has a vital role to play in business development - ensuring that your business and the message you want portrayed are consistent with each other. To do this, companies rely more and more on young designers with passion and creativity to bring innovation and fresh ideas.

Design is implemented over a broad range of visual communication including packaging, corporate identity programs, logos, web sites, ad campaigns, spatial and product design, alongside emerging design sectors such as interactive design, design strategy and service design, focused on understanding user behaviour.

These are intrinsically linked to other design-related fields; market studies and concept research, communication & analysis, strategic consulting, and audit design.

The positive affects of these factors results in improved brand awareness, business competitiveness, higher turnover and productivity, wider accessibility to other markets and guarantees client satisfaction.

Everything indicates that design will continue to be the driving force of innovation and strategy - the key to business success in the 21st century. “ESAG prides itself on it’s professionally-orientated teaching programs adapted to the realities of today’s competitive design world”