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The Interior Architecture and Design program at Penninghen

“More than ever before, building design now caters to various activities, needs, and requirements of the population, in both commercial design and residential design” (Thompson, 2010).

Interior architecture combines the study and practice of interior design with architecture.  At Penninghen, the interior architecture program, one of our major design disciplines, includes interior design for both public and private buildings.

An Interior Architect is responsible for an architectural project from start to finish - therefore the qualifications and skills required in this field are both varied and vast.

An Interior Architect has a vital project management role that not only involves conceptualizing preliminary designs based on the client's ideas and input, but also encompasses organising & supervising teams, technical project monitoring, knowledge of existing legislation and standards and expertise in materials, in order to ensure that projects are completed within their approved time, cost and functionality.

New materials, technologies and techniques have also given interior architects new ways to enclose and design interior spaces. ESAG ensures that all our students are proficient in modern architecture computer software and incorporates innovation & prospective design for residential, product design & urban planning projects. Design coursework also covers professional, functional, technical, and theoretical topics concerning HQE (High Quality Environmental standard) and sustainable development.

Every student has to complete at least two internships and they are also encouraged to network internationally and have an option to spend a part of their studies abroad through our international exchange programs, which in turn helps them to put together an impressive selection of international projects in their portfolio.

The Penninghen Interior Architect and designer title is certified by state and registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles, level I – code NSF 233n, enregistré par arrêté publié au Journal Officiel du 09/12/2012.

ESAG Penninghen is a member of the CFAI (The French Council of Interior Architects) therefore, the school’s degree programs (Bachelor and Masters Degree) entitle our students to receive the professional designation of Registered Interior Architect. Students with this qualification can then go on to work within the Interior Architecture design sector as an Interior Architect, Interior & Product designer, Project Manager, Account Manager, Head of Design Department, Interior Decorator, Scenic designer, Exhibition/ Events designer.

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