First year admission

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First year admission

The first year is open to all students who have completed higher education (French Bac equivalent). The first academic year gives students an opportunity to develop their passion for art and design.

Here, they discover a variety of different sectors within the Applied Arts field, learning the importance of observation and how to visually represent ideas in both Graphic Design and in Interior Architecture / Spatial Design. This course is open to students who have passed the French Baccalaureate or international higher education exam equivalent.

For creative jobs within the different range of different design fields, it is highly recommended that students have creative imagination, an inquiring mind, artistic awareness, strong work methodology, vocation and motivation.

Admission première année


The first year of study will give you a solid foundation in art and design culture. Here, you will be given the opportunity to develop your imagination, curiosity and independent thinking skills. You will perfect different forms of visual expression and learn how to put into place efficient working methods so that you are able to successfully choose your design program and career orientation.

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