Art Direction Master's degree

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Duration :
4 years
Degree :
Masters degree
Course start :
September 2023

The Master's degree in art direction images and media trains as artistic director and creative director: image, visual communication (graphic art, press, video, television, cinema) digital design. The art director assists and advises the company in its development project, translates its communication strategy into visual elements, giving it meaning.

Master's degree

Penninghen ranks at the top of France's private higher education institutions in Art direction. We offer a high-level comprehensive 5-year Masters degree program in Art Direction for students aged 17 and above who have completed their high school education. Penninghen has put into place a high-quality teaching program with a renowned faculty of professionals. Our aim is to combine academic lessons with contemporary applications in order to enhance creative autonomy.

Mastère direction artistique

Art Direction Master's degree

direction artistique

Penninghen is a private establishment of higher education, legally registered on 30th March 1953, at the French National Ministry of Education and Research, declared under the Paris Local Education Authority (registration number 075- 4271K). After 5 years of post-baccalaureate studies, one of two European Master

Degrees may be awarded:


Certified by the French government (established by Decree n° NSF 320v of 19.01.2012), a state-certified qualification for careers in visual communication (graphic design, publishing and print, video, television, cinema), 2D/3D imagemaking 3D digital design.

School Exchange


Regular internships, international school-exchanges (Erasmus + Cumulus), partnerships in France and abroad with other institutions of higher education, as well as professional design projects with well-known brands, complete our educational program. Penninghen offers a Master's Degree in both Art Direction (visual communication and digital design) and in Interior Architecture & Design. Both degrees are State-recognized and offer a certified level I qualification.

La 2ème année DA Penninghen

Five year programs

1st YEAR

2nd YEAR

3rd YEAR
Developing skills

4th YEAR
Perfecting skills

5th YEAR
Optimising skills

le programme DA Penninghen


To apply at Penninghen 

The first year is open to all students who have completed higher education (French Bac equivalent). To begin directly in the 2nd or 3rd year program students have to complete an entrance test. Admission to the 4thyear Masters Degree program is only possible after an admissions interview and validation of design portfolio.

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*Titre de Directeur/trice artistique image et média - Académie Julian Rive Gauche - Penninghen NSF 132f -320v- niveau I (Fr) et 7 (Eu) – enregistré au RNCP par arrêté du 07 avril 2017 publié au JO du 21 avril 2017.

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