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Penninghen, the school of art direction and interior architecture is located in the heart of Paris, in Saint-Germaindes-Prés district, in the premises of the Académie Julian founded in 1867. Since 1968, it has trained to art direction and interior architecture almost 3000 graduates, established in France and more from 30 countries.


Year after year, generation after generation, Penninghen has been a privileged observer of change and witness to important developments in our society. Creativity continuously evolves and moves with the times and can provide relevancy, empathy and sensitivity to events and trends, whilst conveying emotions and feelings. Design transgresses the limits of period and culture, and as a result remains a powerful and timeless tool. We live in a world of communication where there 6 is a constant need to interact with people. This has lead our students to question their role as a designer and to develop new innovative design solutions, while never succumbing to the easy option of creating the immediacy of a visual. Knowing how different communication materials can be used and the impact they can have and being able to then put into place different design methods, suitable technical tools, and design thinking processes, are all essential skills for our students.

This, in turn, enables them to develop their own unique visual language and design tools. Working together in a collective spirit of joint endeavor and solidarity, they are able to share, exchange and develop their 7 ideas and provide design proposals that reflect today's diverse and multifaceted world.

Gilles Poplin



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The Mois du graphisme

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Masters degree (Major) Mathilde Pyskir

In a society characterised by an ageing population, where consumerism is at its peak, the gap widens between generations and ...

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Masters degree (Major) Sophie Larivière

Nowadays, an important question arises within the modern educational system: how can we develop modern teaching methods perfectly ...

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