Preparatory year in applied arts in Penninghen

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first year at penninghen
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1 Year
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Graduate School
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September 2024

Penninghen’s Preparatory Year in Applied Arts is the first year of the 5-year curriculum offered at the school. Integrated preparation, this year is common to the 3 courses offered in Penninghen. It is a fundamental year that allows you to discover applied art in all its dimensions. It is the year of the discovery of his passion and the discovery of the method of the school.

Discover the preparation in applied arts

A year to discover his passion

For more than 50 years, the first year of Penninghen has been one of the most emblematic and renowned courses in art and creation. First year integrated, common to the three courses offered at school, the preparatory year leaves one year for each to: 

  • check his taste for creative studies
  • acquire the fundamentals of applied arts 
  • validate his level of skills 
  • choose your orientation in one of the three courses offered at Penninghen.


The preparatory year is fundamental in the Penninghen method. It is the year of the discovery of his passion through a daily practice of applied art in all its dimensions. By the end of this first year, students will have acquired: 

  • an indispensable method and know-how for the continuation of their studies
  • solid foundations in graphic expression, design in space
  • a real methodology 

All these technical discoveries and acquired knowledge allow students to refine their personal projects to continue in the training of their choice. 

One year to discover workshop work

The workshop practice from the preparatory year develops:

  • the dynamics of collaboration 
  • the spirit of cohesion

Supervised by 20 teachers, all working professionals, the 300 students are divided into 4 workshops of 75 students each.

All progress together, energized by example. In order to understand and benefit together from the remarks and advice, teachers regularly lead them to compare their work by collective corrections in the workshop. 

One year to choose your orientation

The assessment in the preparatory year runs throughout the year and on the basis of continuous monitoring. At the end of the year, this continuous monitoring generates a ranking that determines the transition to a higher year in Penninghen.

180 places are accessible in the second year
3 formations
60 students per course

The three courses offered at Penninghen: 

  • Artistic direction
  • Communication
  • Interior Architecture


First year program

The integrated applied arts degree represents:

  • 30 weeks of classes
  • 25 hours of weekly lessons
  • 25 hours of personal work on average per week


Its educational program highlights the importance of observation through drawing, mastery of design and ideation, that of graphic composition and space.  For one year, students in the preparatory year practice daily. The courses are structured around the fundamentals of 8 essential disciplines, through technical lessons and practical exercises beneficial to the 3 courses offered.

Language and Creation 

  • Initiate oneself to the ideation
  • Initiate the formulation of an idea
  • Learn to design in plan, volume and space

3 hours of lectures per week
Year-round teaching

arts graphiques 1ère année Penninghen - Pierre Hajzadeh

Space language

  • understand the logics of shapes, structure and color
  • initiate the use of volume and spatial codes
  • introduced to the basics of design, interior architecture and architecture

1 hour of lectures and 2 hours of practical work per wee
Year-round teaching

design d'espace 1ère année Penninghen

Observation drawing

  • Discover perspective, assess plumbs, proportions
  • Study framing, light, contrasts and textures
  • Learn to master the tools of line drawing 

8 hours of workshop drawing per week
Year-round teaching

Dessin d'observation Julie Bassot

Graphic language

  • Understand the logics of shapes, colors, materials 
  • Discover the essential notions of formal language
  • Learn to use signs and graphic codes 

1 hour of lectures and 2 hours of practical work per week
Year-round teaching

langage graphique


  • Develop the spirit of synthesis by observing anatomy
  • Know how to transcribe the moment and the movement by the observation of living models
  • Forging your own formal writing

3 hours of live drawing per week 
Year-round teaching

Artistic culture

  • Learn to look, analyze and understand the artistic evolution in history
  • Learn to analyze a work of art

2 hours of lectures per week
Year-round teaching

histoire art penninghen


  • Discover the fundamentals of communication
  • Know how to use the 5 senses to describe, analyze and synthesize
  • Know how to word and shape

3 hours of lectures 
Year-round teaching


At the end of the preparatory year, students can choose from Penninghen’s three training courses to professionalize in the creative professions: 

Artistic Direction Training

 You are led to understand the components of the artistic direction, the development of vocabulary and grammar related to creation and production, you learn to manage and deploy an artistic direction project in its entirety.

This training trains in the professions of artistic director, creative director, graphic designer, graphic designer, photographer, director, webdesigner, motion designer, image manager, production director, publisher, illustrator, etc.

Communication Training

You learn the codes, the technical rules of communication; the rules of graphics, layout; the rules of writing and formats; you learn to manage and deploy a communication campaign. This training trains in the professions of Communication Director, Strategic Director, Brand Director, Marketing Director, Event Director, Innovation Director, Sponsorship and Partnership Manager, Press Secretary, Public Relations Manager, copywriter, media planner, community manager…

Interior Architecture Training

You learn to understand the components of interior architecture, vocabulary and grammar of forms related to creation and production; technical codes and rules; the balance between volume and space.

This training course teaches interior designers, architects, scenographers, designers, project directors, space planners, creative managers, etc.


First year registration in Penninghen is done outside Parcoursup. It is open to all, subject to availability.

  • Proof of the baccalaureate level 
  • Be at least 17 years old
  • No interview, competition, school record, or portfolio
  • Registrations within the limit of 300 places available

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For the year 2024/2025, the amount of the preparatory year is 9.700 €. A fee of 490€ is payable at the time of registration. Discover the tuition fees in Penninghen

What should I do if I don’t pass the first year ?

The profile of the students from the preparatory year of Penninghen is appreciated by many artistic formations, applied arts workshops, schools of architecture or schools of communication. Students who decide to reorient will have acquired:

  • a method and know-how rewarding for the rest of their career solid foundations in graphic expression,
  • design in space a real methodology,
  • which will refine their future personal artistic projects
  • a rich portfolio of nearly 200 original works that demonstrate the strength of the achievements


  • A renowned school for more than 55 years, regularly ranked #1 in artistic training
  • Very solid foundations acquired in the first year
  • Professional training based on real cases for prestigious brands
  • Coaching by the greatest professionals in their field, in business, who teach and transmit their expertise
  • Opportunities for multiple and regular professional meetings throughout the training
  • A strong network of more than 3,600 graduates
  • 97% placement within 6 months of graduation in the intended functions


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